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Input box – small font size in IE8 solution

Too small text on buttons and input fields

When you nLited Windows XP and install Internet Explorer 8, it create a bug with small font size on buttons. I don’t know why do it sometimes on normal install of Windows, but after long time I found easy solution. It’s not ideal but better than can’t read texts on buttons and input areas.

So you create a CSS (sufix .css) file with some name and input into file this:

input {
  font-size: 10pt !important;

Next you must go to Internet Options (Control panel): on bottom of General bookmark you find Accessibility and there enable Format documents using my style sheet. Here include path to the file which you was created before.

Now all input areas will be affected and should be readable for you. Once disadvantage can be, that some webpages will have another font size on buttons and input areas.

Button bug
Button bug